Smile :) Pics with your Besties!

Posted by Jenn

Before our blog launched we got pretty serious about it, as we wanted ourselves, and the site to look professional.  We thought it would be good to get professional photos done. Well it’s not that easy, am I right? You need to coordinate outfits, get yer hair and makeup did, and find the perfect spot.  It literally felt like we were getting ready for a wedding, it took All. Day. Long. But was it worth it? 100%! I am not sure if any of you have ever had professional photos taken with your besties before? The only time I have had professional photos was for weddings and the odd family photoshoot.   

What I can say, is that a photoshoot with my friends was way more fun than with family (shhh!! don’t tell them I said that). In my family photoshoots, I am usually telling my kids — stop moving, look at the camera, smile nicely — all while bribing them with some sort of treat so we can end up with one decent picture.  Then when we get our photos back from the photographer, I look completely tense in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE, because I was literally holding my breath hoping everyone was doing what they were supposed to do, in order to get that one picture for the Christmas card.   

So what am I suggesting? To take some time to get pictures taken with friends!  Maybe even make it a yearly day of pampering and fun. Since we were all dolled up, we didn’t want to waste all of that hotness, so we made it a night and went out for dinner and drinks afterwards.  It will be a fun day that I will always remember (probably because we have like a hundred of photos of it!).  

However, an even more amazing outcome from this photoshoot occurred once we got the online gallery from the photographer (who by the way was amazing, see her link below).   Each and everyone of us went through the pictures and we were so hard on ourselves. We didn’t like the pictures that we were personally in, including our individual head shots.  But then, you know what happened? Amazing friends and support happened. Looking through the pictures with the girls was so uplifting, as each one of us thought all the others looked amazing.  It was like a supportive therapy session, helping us see that there really were many beautiful pictures of ourselves. Why do women always put themselves down, especially after seeing a photo of themselves. It’s like we are hard-wired to hate the way we look!  But it is with friends who you trust to be honest, and who see your beauty, which helps you to grow and love yourself a little more each day. 

So go grab your friends, get dolled up, and make it a day of making memories and then framing them (and maybe starting a new adventure like writing a blog together).  

You have to have some silly ones too! ❤

Photos by Cassandra Barnes:

Lots of love,

Jenn  xoxox

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