Family Hiking

Posted by Ashley

One of our favourite things to do as a family are day hikes. We always go local as our two boys get bored easily and we prefer to be closer to home. That being said, there are many beautiful places close by to hike so we never feel like we’re missing out. Hamilton isn’t known as the Waterfall Capital of the World without a reason.

Hiking is not only great for your physical health, it is also great for your mental well being too. Getting away from the loud and intrusive city and being in quiet natural surroundings instantly makes my anxiety disappear. The smell and sounds of the great outdoors does wonders for my mental health.

I find, however, that it’s not only me that being in nature helps. My boys are able to explore, be curious and get dirty. Escaping the classroom and tv time at home, I think, helps to nurture their growing minds. I have noticed with my youngest in particular, how much hiking and being away from city or suburban landscapes helps.

He has a disfluency or stutter that we are currently in speech therapy for. It’s heartbreaking for us to see how he has such difficulty sometimes relaying his thoughts verbally. Other than our daily speech sessions, when we go for hikes specifically, his disfluency is gone. Non-existent. This is why every chance we get we pack up for hikes and head out. I want him to get that practice at being able to speak fluently so he has less anxiety about speaking as he continues to grow and then , hopefully, one day, he will not have to worry about stuttering at all.

I feel it’s important to give your children the tools and environments they need to thrive. In my sons case, it’s more time in nature! Where are some outdoor spots that you like to visit?

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