It’s Fall … can we turn the clocks to 2021?

I love Fall. I love the beauty of all the leaves changing colours and the chilly evenings. I love pumpkin everything, fall decor and sweater weather! Also it’s my birthday month and even though there will be no celebration, it still makes me happy to be reminded that I’m still here with my family. It’s also a change in season that I find depleting. It’s a new routine and as usual, change is hard to deal with sometimes. By the time we fall back from daylight savings (November 1st), I’m desperate for that extra hour of sleep. The Ontario government just passed a bill to abolish this years old practice. How would it affect you?! The kids could be walking to school in the dark!

This past month has been challenging in many ways: dealing with an insane work schedule, needing to get things done around the house, kids going back to school during a pandemic. It all culminated with the sudden death of a loved one that left me reeling. My emotional and mental health was not well. Grief has a weird way of kicking me in the ass. I felt like I was empty with nothing to give.

My family has been lucky to be able to get away with our 2nd property where we can be outside and do some physical labor. We feel like a pioneer family, slugging rocks around and making trails through a densely forested area. It’s great to be in nature and get away from electronics. But my usual role has been the traditional one – I’m meal planning, shopping, packing, cooking, and cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is wonderful and will pitch in anytime. I just didn’t have it in me to leave the house this past weekend.

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So off he went by himself to putter around and clean up trees, while I stayed home with the kids and did absolutely nothing. I slept in, I did only the chores I wanted to. I kept things simple. After watching Hamilton a few more times, I binge watched Emily in Paris on Netflix. All 10 episodes in 1 sitting. The kids had free reign of the house while I was a mombie fixture on the couch. They knew where to find me.

My initial reaction to Emily in Paris was a good one. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it. It’s created by Darren Starr, the same producer of Sex and The City. I was skeptical about its representation but was happy to see they did have a few POC (I feel like everyone could always do better on that front though. Think Lead role vs. Supporting). I’m a little obsessed with Ashley Park. She’s so talented and Mindy was my fave character. I liked the fact that they touched on the cultural differences and that the American way is not the only standard to strive for. Happiness is more than just having a successful career. I work with Americans every day and while lovely, they have some priorities backwards. Grateful to be a Canadian!

The clothing in the show was a blast for the senses. The outfits were so bold and colorful. It was fun to see what each character was wearing since I’ve been living in yoga pants and lounge wear for a better part of the year. It’s part of the fantasy don’t you think? The best shows carry you to a different place and Paris from my couch was just what I wanted. Who has money for a plaid Burberry bucket hat?! Emily for the most part was a likeable, strong female lead, surrounded by smart, supportive and equally successful female friends. Except Sylvie. She reminds me of a crotchety old ex-coworker who used to hate me. C’est la vie!

HOWEVER, the whole Gabriel and Camille triangle (or rectangle if you even count Matthieu) was a bit much. Yes they’re both gorgeous and have chemistry. Does that mean they should stab Camille in the back? Camille deserves a better boyfriend and friend. I guess it’s a show and they need drama somewhere, but hasn’t this been done already? Romance doesn’t equal cheating. It left me with an icky feeling. You reeled me in Netflix and got me hanging on a couch-hanger. When is Season 2?

After binge watching the show, the next day I literally laid in bed till noon. I think my grief was just the topper on an already hard month. I just want to take a minute to thank my friends and family who have sent us well wishes and condolences on our loss. I’m usually not one for sending cards while also being extremely awkward in times of grief but I appreciate you. Your love and support doesn’t go unnoticed. Love you!


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